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What comes to your mind when you hear the term multi-service app? Mostly, people think of an app that offers multiple services. Usually, people think of a Gojek Clone mobile app when the term ‘multi-service’ crosses their minds.

Unquestionably, mobile apps are always evolving. Businesses whose operations depend completely on mobile apps must consider revisions with time. Let’s see how your on-demand multi-service business can evolve by launching an app built using the latest technologies.

Before moving forward, let’s see what an app like Gojek is.

What is Gojek-like app?

Well, it’s an advanced and feature-rich app that allows users to instantly book rides, online video consultations, order food, send parcels, and much more with a few clicks!

Apart from on-demand deliveries and taxis, this app also helps users to hire personal shoppers and errand runners. They can hire babysitters, beauticians, car washers, and other professional providers with only a click.

Also, your customers can easily book online video consultations and service bidding services through this app.

The on-demand services app also integrates several unique services that will leave your mind blown!

Impressive Gojek Clone App Services You Must Try!

From selling homes to searching nearby places and tracking close ones, this app allows your users a spectrum of services.

Let’s explore these amazing services one by one.

Buy & sell commercial & residential properties

Users can easily buy and sell commercial and residential properties like apartments, industrial buildings, showrooms, villas, etc. via this app.

Users who wish to sell the property can post the listing on the app, provide images and video, and provide a detailed description as well.

Using the app, users can easily skip the expense of paying brokerage or commission to real estate agents!

Buy, sell, & rent cars

With the on-demand Gojek-like app, users can easily buy, sell, or rent cars! The car owner can upload the vehicle’s specifications and place the ad as “Featured” to attract several genuine leads in less time!

Users who are interested in renting or buying a car can view all the details of the vehicle, see its photos and videos for better clarity, and find the location on the map.

For one on one conversations with the car owner, users can contact them via a call and also send an inquiry form.

Buy, sell, & rent general items

The Gojek Clone app also facilitates buying, selling, and renting general items. Here, the users can post details of electronic items, furniture, heavy machinery, business equipment, etc. that they want to sell or put on rent.

They can also add multiple photos and videos of the item so that interested buyers and renters can easily view them. And, if they want to take the deal further, they can contact the owner via the in-app calling or text messaging feature available on the app.


The app also allows users to share rides and save money. The carpooling service makes it simple for a user driving a long distance in their car to find other passengers who want to commute to the same destination.

On this super app, the user can provide detailed information about their route, schedule, and the number of seats available for booking.

Other users can search for and reserve seats if they want to. Thus, with this simple carpooling service, the user can profit from earning money on each seat and split the expense.

On-demand medical services

Your users can book medical services instantly on this advanced Gojek-like app, whenever and wherever they desire.

On this app, they can book the following services with a single click –

  • Make an appointment with the doctor
  • Book online video consultations
  • Purchase medicines online
  • Book an ambulance in emergencies
  • Book an appointment with a nearby pet veterinarian

Track family members and employees

Your users can use this app service to track their loved ones and ensure they have reached their residences, offices, or schools safely.

The location of family members and employees can be tracked in real-time here. This live tracking feature guarantees the safety of your user’s loved ones or their employees working on the field during business hours without violating their privacy.

Nearby Businesses

Under this service component, the user can easily explore businesses near them including cafes, gyms, hospitals, malls, bars, and so on.

Also, if they want, they can contact the place, book a taxi to the location, order something online from there, and also view the discounts/offers!

Above all, the app also enables users to send gift cards to their loved ones. Thus, with these gift cards, they can ensure that their close ones can seamlessly shop and book services on the app without worrying about money!

Lastly, should you care about launching your app with unique features?

The answer is YES!

Launching your app with unique features is crucial for several reasons such as –

  1. It will help your app stand out in the highly competitive market, attracting users’ attention and increasing the chances of success.
  2. The app will enhance your user experience by offering innovative solutions to existing problems and by introducing new functionalities. To put it simply, a feature-rich app will help in increasing user satisfaction and engagement, driving positive word-of-mouth.
  3. Incorporating unique features will help you become a trendsetter and gain a competitive edge.

In Conclusion

As the app owner, you can receive a ton of benefits by launching the Gojek clone super app.

With the help of this “Next-Gen” mobile app, you can establish a well-known brand in the market like Uber, Gojek, Postmates, TaskRabbit, and more.

Investing in a ready-made app will allow you to save money and time. Moreover, you only need to purchase the package which comes with feature-rich pre-built scripts!

Every script is well-tested, pre-integrated with services, and has multiple advanced features.

But, do you know what’s the best part? You can launch your own multi-service business in just one or two weeks.

Unlike a physical retail store, launching the app is not restricted to a particular location.




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